Counting Down

by Rich Landesberg

As we get set to head off on our study of the European Union, here are some numbers to think about:

In a bit more than 48 hours, we should be on the plane heading for Brussels.  Most of us will be spending the time saying goodbye to family and friends-many of whom would like to come along–and spending time deciding what to take on the long journey (the rule of thumb is to take everything you are thinking about, put it on your bed, divide by two and then take half of everything that is left).

Last year in the frozen Baltic


Before we are finished, we will have traveled more than 20,000 kilometers by plane, train, bus and foot.




When we arrive in Brussels, we will have the warmest weather we are likely to see for at least two weeks:   The forecast is for temperatures (in Fahrenheit) in the high 30s, low 40s, with lots of rain.  In the Baltics, the forecast is for highs in the 20s with single digit lows and snow, snow, snow–of course, it could turn out to be nicer—or colder with more snow.

By the time we get home, we will have converted US dollars into three different currencies.

We will have taken somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 pictures, 90% of which will be posted to Facebook.

Within two years of this trip, as people look for jobs, 95% of those pictures will be deleted from Facebook.

By the time we return, we won’t even be able to count the number of new friends, new experiences, and the wealth of knowledge we gained on this study abroad.




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