If it’s Wednesday, this must be Belgium

by Rich Landesberg

Not to mix metaphors…or movie titles…but this has been our Longest
Day.   After what for some was a long day just to get to JFK Airport in New York, we boarded our plane on time Tuesday night.  And waited.  After about one hour, one of the navigation systems that was acting up had been fixed (if we had taken off with only one navigation system would that mean the pilot could only make left turns?).   Despite taking off one hour late, our flight arrived in Brussels only  four minutes later than planned.  You have to love airline math.  The flight was crowded but smooth and the Delta flight crew did a fine job taking care of everyone.  We were through customs quickly and at our hotel before 11:30.  Our rooms were ready about 15 minutes later and we dumped our bags and were out the door 30 minutes after that.

With little–if any–sleep we headed for lunch and then a tour and briefing at the European Parliament.

Dr. Morgan explaining the history of the old square in Brussels

Back to the hotel for a 30 minute rest and then out for a stroll around historic Brussels before dinner in the old square.   We will all sleep well tonight.


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