Bye Bye Brussels…Hello Riga

by Rich Landesberg

It has been a great 48 hours.  Our last full day in Brussels started with a lecture by Dr. Morgan and featured a tour bus ride around town with a stop at the Atomium, a vestige of the 1958 World’s Fair. The Atomium is an atom blown up billions of times where one can walk through all the parts, see the city from above and even have lunch.  In the afternoon, there was time to do laundry before heading to an exhibit called, “Our America, too.”  We had a local guide who took us through this fascinating exploration of US history with a European interpretation.  After a quick dinner, some last chocolate or waffles,  most of us headed for an early bedtime.

The next morning, Monday, we had a 4:30 wake up call to make sure we w0uld all get to the airport in time for our Air Baltic flight from Brussels to Riga (last year there was a problem with our reservations so we like to make sure we get there early).  We had no flight problems but I did set off the metal detector and managed to get a secondary search that was so thorough I thought I would need to buy the agent dinner…or sh0w him my Blue Cross card.  Dr. Morgan was laughing hysterically during my 10 minute “physical.” But we were all safe and made it to Riga with no problems.

Next post:  Riga Roundup


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