Going with the Flo(rence)…

by Rich Landesberg

It has been busy…so busy I haven’t had time to update.  Florence is a remarkable city with some of the finest art in the world.  Everywhere you turn you face a masterpiece of architecture, sculpture or painting.  We are taking full advantage of everything this city has to offer from our hotel base less than two blocks from the Duomo.

Our first day started with a guided tour of some of the more significant places in the city.  We were lead by an  Elon in Florence Art History instructor.   Along with a lecture by Dr. Morgan, we toured the home of the Medicis and learned of their historical significance in the concept of a united Europe.  Hearing about them  while walking through the place where they lived, helped bring the lecture alive (0n a side note:  the hotel where we are staying was once home to Rossini and the place next door was where one 0f the Medicis was murdered–it is difficult to walk two feet in this city without hitting something amazing).

Dinner that night, for anyone who wanted to join us, was across the river beyond the tourist zone.

Jake and his steak (photo by Jane)

Our traditional beefsteak dinner was in a crowded, noisy place where food was served family-style.  Ours where the only English words spoken that evening.  The food was great, the company better, and the cultural experience was extraordinarily rich.  And what to you do after such a heavy meal?  Climb a mountain, of course.


OK, not really a mountain but we did walk up a very high hill across the river from the main part of Florence.  And  walked.  And walked some more.

The hardy few who climbed the hill...with their friend David

But getting to the top was worth it.  The view at night of all that Florence has to offer is spectacular and not to be missed.  We were tired but very happy to have that view.  And we worked off every calorie of our heavy dinner!


Next:  a day trip to Bologna.


One response to “Going with the Flo(rence)…

  1. Gary & Joann Schoenfeld

    It looks like Jake will not meet weight restrictions for the flight home! As always your blog and photo’s are much appreciated.

    Gary & Joann Schoenfeld

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