Rome to Home

by Rich Landesberg

We are all ready to be home but not at all ready to leave Europe.  Our stay in Rome has been short in time but long in substance.

Dr. Morgan conducts class on the streets of Rome

Yesterday we walked all around this historic city, looking at some of the major pieces of antiquity  and talking about how events more than 2,000 years ago still resonate in our study of the European Union.  We finished at the Coliseum where we also ended the academic portion of our study abroad.

View from the top of the Spanish Steps


Students enjoy a sunny day on the Spanish Steps








That evening, a number of students joined us for a typical Roman meal at a local restaurant about a 10 minute walk from the hotel.

One of our favorite places to eat, we ordered the antipasto, 15 different hot and cold dishes that just kept on coming.

Between dinner and gelato, Jake "serenades" Dr. Morgan for her birthday

We never knew what would show up next, we only knew that whatever it was would be delicious.  We spent nearly three hours eating, laughing and enjoying each others company one last time. And all this cost only about $25 each!


Our last day in Rome was a chance for everyone to embrace the city and catch up on some of the sights or go in-depth at places we saw the day before.

Near our hotel

Some went to the Vatican, some to the Forum and Coliseum, others back to the Trevi fountain.  Dr. Morgan and I took a stroll to the Vatican and then over to the Piazza Navona where we discovered some of the best gelato in Rome:  Il Gelato Di San Crispino.   But we know it is time to leave Italy.  We know this because the headline on says “the Jersey Shore”  will be coming here to record shows.  Definitely time to go.


Last Italian dinner tonight, pack, and out the door for the airport at eight tomorrow morning.


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